How To Pick A Retirement Village For Your Parents?

  • November 17, 2019

Retirement villages in Australia are steadily growing. More and more old persons are choosing these villages. In reality, modern retirement units for sale by Redcliffe QLD have lots of facilities. Hence, people prefer them.

But, before picking a retirement village, you should do some research. Retirement villages have lots of policies. If you don’t pay attention, then your parents may not live a happy life.


So, How To Pick A Retirement Village For Your Parents?


1) Know The Policies

At first, you have to look at the policies. There are pet policies, maintenance policies, community policies, etc. If your parents can live with those policies, then you can pick that village. But, only after carefully reading about those policies.


2) Freedom and Common Areas

Freedom is an important factor. Hence, you should ask the village manager about the boundaries of freedom. Your parents should live with maximum freedom.

Apart from that, you should also know about the common areas in the village. Many villages offer swimming pools, community rooms, bars, outdoor places, and more common areas. You should only pick the village which has the most facilities and freedom.


3) Fee Structure

The fee structure is another vital issue. Different villages have different fee structures. So, you should choose a village within your budget. The Government offers some incentives. You can look for such incentives for your parents.


4) Visit Multiple Villages

Some people just do online research. But, they should visit the villages in person. The retirement villages can be fake. So, you should always visit multiple villages. It will help you to know the villages more closely.


5) Ask The Village Residents

Sometimes these villages can mislead you with their advertisements. Only the dwellers of these villages can give you real answers. Hence, you should always ask the residents about their personal experiences.


6) Transportation

Transportation facilities shouldn’t be overlooked. Your parents are old. So, they need good and easy transportation.


In 1986, the ‘Retirement Village Act’ was passed in Australia. Your parent’s retirement village should follow that law. Even, you can take the help of a lawyer to know these facts.

Your parents may love to live in a calm atmosphere. So, you should choose a retirement village with a peaceful atmosphere. But remember you should discuss everything with your parents before choosing a retirement village.




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